Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story Full MoviE [2018] Online Free

Solo A Star Wars Story (2018) Full movie is a great movie and I really loved this movie. You can watch it online free. I have never lost my youthful appreciation for both Han and Lando and of course, Chewie is always great. I think people either take these movies too seriously (The Last Jedi) or not seriously enough (the prequels). This one struck the perfect balance and gave us more of the characters we love and how they got to be who they became. It was a very solid adventure movie with just enough characterization without any misplaced preaching. I thought the sets and costuming was fantastic. It made Solo A Star Wars Story Full Movie fun again for me. I would see this movie several times and would really look forward to more. I feel like this time Disney gave us what we wanted and it all worked out, at least for me.

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Movie

Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Movie

And by the way, I love Emilia Clarke. I think her acting is perfectly fine and she had great chemistry with the lead. It was easy to see that she was Han’s kind of woman but the Leia would eventually come to take her place. I think the haters really need to calm down about her.Force Disney to the Light: This is not the Solo you are looking for. . . Boycott! (or at least side step!) – yes, we saw it, and it was tragic – but not in the better cinematic sense.
We were left flat, as if we had watched a filler installment of Star Trek. Strange (and inappropriate innuendos were framed by flat awkward humor (Marvel style). Enough is enough, but in this case more was too much . Nothing was added to the backstory of Han Solo that helped us to understand him more deeply. As for drama, there was no real suspense or investment at we knew Han would come through anything and there was no true conflict – no impressive villian. I never could have imagined a Star Wars film being boring, now there are two….

When I talked with my friend about whether we should go to the new Solo, she told me that she couldn’t resist seeing the new Solo, but she also did not want to support the Disney betrayers of what George Lucas gave us all. So she is going to pay for a ticket to another film, then hijack a seat on honor of Solo, partly to satisfy any curiosity and yet more to become more self aware of Disney’s next Assassination of SW Allegory attempt. – I agree! . . .

Why not buy a Solo A Star Wars Story Full Movie ticket? Because the only way to bring SW back to the Light is to bring down those now in charge who wish to darken the SW universe. – Economics trump personal/social agendas, and if they can’t keep SW ticket sales on par with Marvels’, those in charge of Lucas Films Disney will be Forced out. . – Now it is up to all of us. We must take it back. – George Lucas gave us all lessons on the Light and Dark side. We learned it as inspiring fiction, our eras’ allegory of hope for redemption in family and self. – Now the fiction comes to true life as we must protect the values of this story. Star Wars (as a property) has been deceptively taken over. – Kathleen Kennedy and others vowed to honor Lucas’ creation and to carry forth the characters and values. Instead they stabbed the heart (Luke) and removed the soul (hero’s journey). – We must not support this/those who attack true values and us.

Some people who don’t see the underpinnings of Light in the rejection of the Disney Wars have becomoe defenders of this dark betrayal. There are no strong arguments or beneficial reasons to support the debasement of the (past and future) inspiring epoch. So now honest talks degrade into hyperbole, the defenders of Disney missing the self-contradiction that defending TLJ by personally attacking those who support SW is an attack on the foundational support of SW itself, both culturally and economically. Tragically they do not know that our protectiveness is born of a sadness. It is true that we are attached to the past, as all people are attached to the past, as all people stand on (or fall from) the shoulders of ancestors. Naturally we feel a great sadness for the betrayal of Luke’s character and the fundamentals of the SW story. We feel so sad that even months (and years if need be) later protective threads of frustration are streaming from the millions who are mourning the debasement of both the past SW inspiration as well as the destruction of the future SW inspiration. For should Luke’s character be debased, also Rey’s character will be debased. . .

We all wanted Rey to be great. We went to FA with open hearts and minds, wishing to witness her hero’s journey meld her into becoming our next generation’s carrier of the Torch of Hope. Yet with the destruction of Luke’s character, the torch is extinguished. If Luke, the greatest Jedi-bringer of redemption, lost all that he gained then SW has no meaning, no light. With no Light the new (Disney) SW is founded on nothing. So Rey means nothing, and for this, for the loss of her, we are all sad. – We have all lost the chance to see her grow to become a great Jedi. (Ironically, not only did the Disney writers betray Lucas’ true SW, in doing so they betrayed the feminist potential that Rey could have grown to greatness from). Instead of overcoming great adversity and discovering and developing her powers, Rey is written to BE great from nothing: No lessons, no training, no meaningful past, no loss, no mentorship, no failures, no growth arc. She is deprived of the chance of growing to become a great (woman) Jedi and instead represented as a girl who just has all Jedi abilities and understandings, from nothing. . .
We are all born as infants, with no power, and we need teachers to develop our potential – to help us to discover what power lies within. A few discover enough within themselves to become heros – On their hero’s journey they reconcile where they come with where they are going. Through lessons and trials they measure their strenghths and faults against their values. By their will they seek to champion these values. Key to all great hero’s are their teachers. Luke needed Obi-wan, and Yoda. Obi-wan needed Qui gon. And so forth. (Luke also needed Leia and Han Solo, and even R2 and C3PO ) – Representing that Rey does not need a mentor, or father, debases the fundamental understanding of not only Star Wars, but of life as well – which at it’s core is about these family relationships & self growth. SW is fundamentally about expressing (in a fantastic drama in space) the painful growth between parent and child (and sibling & friend), including the teaching and redemptive determination between child & father figure (mentors -good or bad) and self. Having none of this Rey has no story as a SW protagonist nor as a character which people can relate more deeply to. She has nothign to lose so she has no loss. She has no goals so she has nothing to gain. She has no values so she has no limitations. She has no story for us to witness her become great. We mourn as we so wished for her to be great, as Luke is.

Missing the fundamental relationships and a growth arc for Rey, these new films have no one show is truly a SW protagonist. Without a hero’s arc these Disney films are not really SW movies. – – – Luke still exists as the carrier of our great SW allegory. We would love a beautiful and inspiring new SW story, someday. – – – The only way to every truly have more SW movies is to have people of Inspiration and Understanding and Genius Vision create them. It may be that WE must carry forth the Only Hope to free Solo A Star Wars Story Full Movie.
We value these stories so we should focus our value. – The bit of force in a movie ticket (times millions), withheld, could move shareholders to demand a change at Disney, to remove those who betrayed their promises to Lucas and to us.